Military Watches – The Points To Consider When Planning To Buy One  

22The thing that separates military watches from typical timepieces is the fact that they are designed to be precise, sturdy, durable and effective. A military watch comes with a different grade of manufacture and is widely used by the naval forces, air forces and also, armies of different countries.

In fact, there are numerous variants of these watches at and each one is known for its specific characteristics. With this being said, it will be a big help if you are going to do research on each prospect watch you plan to buy to be able to know which one is the best for your requirements.


As what said earlier, there are many variants that these military watches are made. You may buy these watches from the eras including Pre World War I, The World War II, Post Vietnam, Vietnam and Korea. Aside from that, there are a number of watches that are being offered in line with different branches of the military such as the air force, special services, marines, navy, and even foreign service.

Points to Remember

If you have plans of buying a military watch, then you must know that there are a number of things that you have to take into account. Among the popular features that these watches here have is its 3 symbols on the 24 hour dial. This basically represents the strength of military over sea, air and land. In fact, this is also the same reason why there are more and more people who desire to own this kind of watch.

In addition to that, you have to look closely at the design of the watch because this can say lots of things to you especially on its durability. The chronograph functions are very useful because it also comes with built-in timers and with long lasting backlight. Some companies are dedicated in manufacturing military watches but, you need to be selective when planning to buy one. Keep in mind that a quality watch keeps its value for quite a while whereas products with poor quality can quickly suffer from market depreciation.

Regardless of the model that you want to buy, it is extremely recommended to allot time to do research on a certain timepiece you wish to buy and if possible, talk to an experienced collector. Ask for their advice on which manufacturer they think is the best for this sort of product. Their opinion really matters as they’ve come across various watches, so rest assure that they can easily point out which one is good and which ones are not. Should you want to read further, continue reading at

Military Watches – The Points To Consider When Planning To Buy One  

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